I suppose I have some explaining to do, given that it has been well over a month since the last time I posted anything here on my blog. Subsequently, it seems I've already broken one of my new year's resolutions- which was to be more active on my site. But, I wouldn't have gone A-wall without a good reason.

So, where have I been?

The first place I've been is in my head.

I'm rapidly approaching my college graduation date, which will be in December of this year. While this is extremely exciting, it has also left me overwhelmed with feelings of exhilaration, curiosity, ambiguity, and relief. Exhilaration because for four years school has been all I've known, and I will finally be moving on to the next chapter of my life. Curiosity because I am wondering who I will become. Ambiguity because I have no idea where my "place," in this world is yet. Finally, relief because I know I do not have to decide who I am or where I belong all at once. There's nothing wrong with admitting you have the world at your feet, and there damn sure isn't anything wrong with admitting you have absolutely no clue what to do with it.  

The next place I've been is in the midst of research.

About a month or so ago, I started watching programs such as Planet Earth and Blue Planet on Netflix. The beauty and vivaciousness of nature depicted among these shows is captivating, but also harrowing as no bit of reality is spared in what is shown. Dying coral reefs, land & ocean pollution, and endangered species are just some of the topics touched upon throughout the series; it comes with the territory of exploring and capturing nature because it is reality. The show sparked something in me, and just like that I began conducting extensive research as to how I, just one person, can do my part to reduce my carbon footprint and be a more environmentally responsible human being.

Finally, I've been stuck in reality- or at least trying to be.

For Valentine's Day, my boyfriend got me tickets to see one of my favorite musicians ever: Hozier! I listened to his new album, Wasteland, Baby!, prior to the concert, but did not have a full understanding of what the message of the album is until I saw it live and Hozier explained his inspiration(s) behind it throughout the show. Basically, its 1. an awesome body of work, but 2. about the "end times," of the world as we know it mixed with romance. The message of the music also brought some "enlightenment," to my life, and made me genuinely want to start living more in the present and really making the most of my time with those I love instead of spending said time on my phone.

Though this is not a 100% summary of where I have been and there is a great deal more that I could write about, these are the parts that matter most to me, so I will cut myself off here before this post gets too long. So...I've been taking a break from it all; I'm taking things day by day, enjoying myself, trying to become a better person, and doing other cliche self reflection things (lol).