Each season, I find myself looking for a new vibe to channel. I like to go with what feels natural to me as I rather avoid getting sucked into whatever trends the fashion industry decides to run with.

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Yes, these photos were taken in my backyard. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a proper shoot elsewhere due to the coronavirus outbreak and accompanying mania that is currently going on.

I suppose that's a nice segue into saying - please, please PLEASE practice social distancing when necessary to help prevent the spread of the disease. No need to panic, just don't keep your head in the sand and pretend it's okay to go out and be in large crowds when it's not.

Find more info at the CDC's official website as to how we can all do our part to stay as healthy as possible and protect others.

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Western vibes are one of my favorite trends for this spring / summer this year. Something about ponchos, cowboy hats / boots, embroidery, bandanas / scarves, fringe, flannels and tribal prints are speaking to me in a way they never have before!

This poncho I am wearing here was a recent vintage find I picked up at a local thrift shop. I can't tell if it was handmade or not. Originally, it had wooden buttons along the front flap (is that the right word?), but I removed them because I really didn't like them.

Stay tuned for more of my spring / summer trend posts, coming soon!

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