Vibrancy and rawness made this graffiti ruins spot the perfect place to capture and accentuate the electricity and sheer power of color I aimed to demonstrated through the pop of red I incorporated into this outfit.


Thankfully - it's FINALLY the weekend! Woo-hoo! I couldn't be happier to have some time to sit down, finish some projects, do some things around my house (like put away the ever evolving pile of laundry glaring at me from the corner of my room), and develop some new content for my blog.

Being only February, it has been raining a peculiar amount here, so on Thursday (2.15) when the rain finally let up I wandered out to Ruins Park located in Glenn Rock, PA, to shoot this outfit for today's post. These photos were taken by my friend and soon to be brother-in-law, Tyler Boyd, who makes awesome quality vlogs on YouTube which you can checkout by clicking here.

Scroll down to read all about the outfit I'm wearing!

I have had this bandanna since my Grandma gave it to me when I helped her clean out her house prior to her moving about 7 years ago. I never gave much consideration to it and wasn't certain how to style it until I saw a post about styling vintage bandannas on one of my favorite vintage boutiques' Instagram, Revolt Style Studio, located in York, PA. When the inspiration strikes you've got to act on it.

To contrast the color of the bandanna I paired it with a black 3/4 sleeve top from Cotton On, a pair of high-waist LEVI jeans, Mossimo booties, a cropped denim Aeropostale jacket, a western-esque statement belt, and a light blue Michael Kors cross body bag (the boots, jacket, and belt were all thrifted items). I'm not certain what the style of the bag is called, as it was a gift to me from my sister a few Christmas' ago; however I do know she picked it up from an MK outlet whilst on a business trip in Texas and scored a great deal on it. This bag is one of my favorites because the studs give me a serious Valentino vibe!

To play up the red bandanna I threw on my favorite red lipstick, MAC Ruby Woo. A red lip isn't something I typically gravitate toward since it is quite bright, but in light of Valentine's Day I decided to give it a go Wednesday and Thursday - ya know, to show a twinge of festivity.

I chose this location to shoot this outfit due to the abundant diversity in atmosphere. The incredible artwork and coarseness of the ruins showcases the extent of contrast you can create with colors.