Cork bed sandals are THE must-have accessory of the summer. On my hunt for the perfect pair, I found 2 that I fell in love with from White Mountain shoes. Scroll down to see how I styled them and read the full post!

White Mountain Crawford Sandal (pink)

Click here or the photo above to purchase the Crawford sandal!

White Mountain Holland Sandal (brown)

Click here or the image above to purchase the Holland Sandal!

Welcome back! First and foremost, I have to thank White Mountain for sending me these incredible shoes. Upon receiving both pairs, I wore them for a few days to break them in and get a sense of how they function. All I have to say is, WOW! I was expecting to experience some of the pains of breaking in new shoes, but I truly did not feel that with these. Both pairs are comfortable and are great quality. I will say, the "White Mountain," label in the bottom of the Holland sandal has rubbed off already, though I'm pretty sure this happened because there was lotion on my feet after I wore them to get a pedi last week (oops!). If most of you gals' are constantly on the go like myself, a pair of sandals like these are your ticket to an effortlessly chic look each time you slip them on this summer. You can wear them with such a variety of outfits.


Outfit #1

Top - Forever 21 (old)

Jeans - Anne Klein, style Slim Crop (thrifted)

Bag - Charming Charlie (a good Chloe Marcie dupe!)

Shoes - White Mountain Crawford sandals (here)

Outfit #2

Top - H&M (old)

Pants - Forever 21 (SUPER old)

Bat Wing Sweater - Forever 21 (once again...really old!)

Bag - Same as outfit #1

Shoes - White Mountain Holland sandals (here)

White Mountain was founded in New Hampshire in 1979 and has been producing great shoes since. After looking further into the company's background, I was happy to discover WM and the brands RIALTO and Cliffs by White Mountain are all connected! I was happy to see this because it promises the quality of all 3 brands of shoes to be just as good as one another. If you would like to read more about WM's background, click here.

White Mountain is also currently having a 4th of July sale right now (ends 7/5), so don't miss out on your chance to grab a pair of their shoes for 30% off! Scroll up or down to find links to their site.


*The photography in today's post is by the extremely creative and talented Brady Pappas.

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