In today's post I style some of my recent finds from Target and Francesca's to achieve the perfect spring outfit.

- Welcome back, everyone! -

Today I'm excited to share my go-to spring outfit as of late. It warmed up here in PA super early this year (around the beginning of April, which is really unusual), but I'm not complaining as I was able to flip my winter/summer wardrobe sooner rather than later!

If you read my last blog post you'll know the hat and shoes I'm wearing in these photos are from Target (find links to both items here). I'm really happy with the shoes, but I'm not as happy with the hat just because it is a bit large on me- not enough to make me get rid of it/return it, though. I picked up this dress at Francesca's, a boutique you can find in most malls, but unfortunately I couldn't find it online to link it here. Which is likely because I bought it on sale (along with a jumpsuit). Francesca's was having a BOGO sale that I couldn't pass up, so I got this dress and the jumpsuit I just mentioned (both originally $60+) for the price of one on sale at $44! What can I say? Sales make me happy.

Last, but not least: you may notice these photos look a bit different than some of my other content here on my blog/instagram because I've used a new Lightroom preset. If you like it, find it for free here.

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