Western, vintage vibes were my thing for spring and have become my style inspiration for fall, too. In this post, I'm sharing how I styled this suede jacket with fringe to get a comfy-casual look that's perfect for the season.

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The temperatures have been steadily dropping here on the East Coast, which means it's officially time to break out the booties, sweaters, jackets and clothes with texture! Textured pieces are one of my many favorite things about dressing for fall and winter; you can add so much depth to your look with velvet, suede, corduroy - you name it.

Today, I wore this suede, fringed jacket I recently picked up from my local Goodwill. I've been seeing a ton of my favorite vintage shops selling these kinds of jackets for very high prices, so I was elated when I stumbled onto this for $4.

It's a Forever 21 piece so I knew it would survive a gentle cycle through the wash, which it desperately needed as it smelled a bit thrifty (i.e., as if it had been at Goodwill for some time). The tag on the inside details the material as leather and instructs dry clean only.

I'd advise caution on washing items that detail dry clean only. You can usually get away with tossing something in the wash if it says 'dry clean,' without the only but you do risk ruining the item by washing it if 'only,' is listed.

Here are a few tips to help you out if you're not sure whether you should wash something or take it to be dry cleaned:

  • Does it feel like it's been washed before? You can usually tell this by touching the fabric and evaluating the item as a whole. If you're unsure, dab a discreet spot with water, wait a bit and see how it reacts. If water doesn't hurt it you should be good to wash.

  • Is the item leather? If it's faux leather, you may be able to wash it on a gentle cycle but if it's real leather get it dry cleaned. A few years ago, I thrifted a gorgeous military green Jones New York, genuine leather pencil skirt and tossed it in the wash. Guess what? It was completely destroyed (I'm still upset about it).

  • Ask yourself: how much did you pay for the item; is it of high enough quality to be dry cleaned? If you thrift a gem (think designer or something you know is high quality), don't gamble it - get it dry cleaned. However, if you're like me and discover something from Forever 21, I can't justify getting that dry cleaned because I know it's not of great quality.

I pulled the look together with a soft striped shirt, jeans, a suede belt that matched my jacket, Chelsea boots, a scarf and straight strands for my hairstyle.

Outfit details:

Jacket - thrifted

Jeans - thrifted

Top - thrifted

Belt - thrifted

Scarf - thrifted

Chelsea Boots - American Eagle

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