It's officially February! As the halfway point of winter it is more than understandable if your inspiration for styling the staple essentials of the season is as frozen as the Earth outside. At what point do trends such as sweaters, jeans, and knee-high boots cease redundancy and re-establish themselves as the groundbreaking pieces they once were?

The great thing about frigid temperatures is the limitless possibilities of outfit combinations to be made by layering your favorite accessories, enabling various components of your wardrobe to assume new life. Take a vest for example: usually its main purpose would be to be worn on its own with a shirt underneath for days of more mild temperatures. Through the technique of layering, a vest can be incorporated into an outfit by using it as an add-on to your jacket or coat. Layering reintroduces it as a fashion statement and an extra way to stay warm.

I decided to experiment with layers this weekend as I spent my Saturday shopping small at some local businesses and boutiques downtown. Since most of the shops I visited were within the same vicinity of one another I knew I would be doing a lot of walking outside and dressed accordingly! I paired a black leather jacket with an oversized fur vest to achieve a contrast in textures while maintaining a solid color scheme of head-to-toe black; one of my favorite go-to looks for days I'm not sure what to wear. To achieve a slight cinch in my waist so I wouldn't appear to be drowning in my layers I wore a black Nine West crossbody bag. Underneath my vest/jacket duo I wore a velvet turtleneck, scarf, a pair of denim jeans, and finished the look with suede knee-high boots. These boots are a new addition to my wardrobe and I can't begin to express my adoration for the pearls embellished in the heels!


Black Leather Jacket - New York & Company (similar here)

Faux Fur Vest - Michael Kors (similar here)

Boots - TJ Maxx (random brand) (similar here)

Crossbody Bag - Nine West

Stay tuned for more posts where I discuss getting creative with the ways you can incorporate layers among your outfits to add new purpose to old pieces in your wardrobe!