I'm getting candid with you today: I'm sharing The Heil Style's origins as a brand and revealing my revised mission statement with you. Continue reading to see my new and improved message and discover why you should establish a mission statement for yourself.

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My blogging journey began as something I created for a "personal branding," project in one of my college classes. I did a great deal for this project, but the meat and potatoes of it was my website and the mission statement I wrote for myself / my brand (The Heil Style). When I initially created my mission statement, however, I was new to the "blogosphere," and had yet to land on solid ground and find my footing. Because of this, I wrote a generic statement that conveyed the obvious: my interest in sharing intriguing content to build an audience. Duh, that's why so many of us create websites, write blogs and channel + share ourselves through various digital mediums, right?

I began to realize the statement I originally thought was so groundbreaking didn't actually convey my authentic self and what I stand for. I outgrew it, plain and simple, so I decided I needed to write something I wouldn't outgrow again. When I wrote it the first time, I was 19 and now I'm going on 22. I know what you're thinking- "Two years isn't much of a time frame." Let me stop you there, because two years ago I had minimal professional experience and didn't understand how truly terrible block eyebrows looked- seriously, awful. I've outgrown old opinions, gained valuable professional experience and gotten to know myself as a person to an extent I didn't know possible at 19.

I decided it was time to revisit, revise and revamp the message that best informs you of who I am and what I stand for.

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The Heil Style's mission is to interrupt the fast fashion standard of modern blogging by promoting sustainable, affordable fashion to foster and empower the planet and its people.

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The Heil Style strives to participate among the professional realm of social media and fashion by maintaining an online presence which upholds a commitment to producing intriguing, competent, quality content to engage with and invigorate a diverse range of audiences.


My mission and vision statements now better reflect who I am (and have always been) and what I aim to achieve through my blog. They also reinforce my brand's corporate social responsibility initiatives, which include driving awareness to + reducing mass pollution from the fast fashion industry and the paramount cause of being environmentally responsible.

Your mission statement is the keystone of your brand. What does yours say about you?

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