Whether you're adding a little woo to your 'do for a special occasion or simply want your hair to look great (because why the hell not?) these heatless Victoria's Secret inspired waves will make you feel like a true angel.



In today's post, I'm going share a walk-through of (and my best tips for) getting the perfect Victoria's Secret inspired wavy hair. Not only is this look one of my favorites that I wear year-round, it requires no heat and is extremely quick and easy to achieve! I'm constantly on the go and rarely have time to do my hair in the morning so this routine is a true lifesaver for me when I want to look put together,

The below "recipe," card details the materials, timeframe and best tips to follow necessary to getting the look:

First and foremost: this process works best when done before bed. This allows for the waves to set for several hours throughout the night. The 10 minute time frame accounts for five minutes at night and five minutes in the morning.

Additionally, make sure you observe the above tips for the best results.

| STEP |


Once you've gathered all of your materials (shown above), the first step is to dampen your hair with the spray bottle. If you don't have a spray bottle handy, wetting your fingers and running them through your hair at random will suffice! Just make sure you're not soaking your hair.

| STEP |


Next, simply split your hair into two sections, one over each shoulder, and make two braids. My "style," of braiding is a bit unorthodox in that I tend to make twisted braids, which gives my hair more of a curly outcome.

| STEP |


Assuming you've gone to bed wearing your braids and it's the next morning, undo your braids and run your brush through the curls.

| STEP |


Finally, scrunch mousse into your hair to secure your curls and style with hairspray as needed.

| AND |


You're all set!

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