When I began my very last semester of college this week, the reality of the impending changes yet to dawn on my world swept over me all at once. I'm starting a new internship, graduating college and who knows what else in the coming months. Change itself is exciting; it's the uncertainty that accompanies it that makes it difficult to grapple with. However, I'm ready to embrace a new beginning and finish college strong. This is why I'm sharing some of my thoughts on college, graduation, adulthood and more with you in my post today.

I was initially going to condense this entire post into an Instagram caption, but I decided against that as sharing it to my blog works much better. I get more space to ramble on here!

I'll try to keep this short as I only have a few thoughts to share. Namely, of how excited I am to graduate. Am I nervous about what the following year post-graduation has in store for me? Absolutely, but who isn't? Let's rule out the concept of college from the equation of uncertainty when it comes to what the future holds- nobody in this world knows exactly where they'll be in a year. I find comfort in that. I also find a bit of excitement in the idea that there are endless possibilities in store for me, and even more so in the fact that I have the power to control it all for myself!

As far as college goes- I'm completely fed up with the entire thing. The classes, buying expensive textbooks I never use, driving to and fro- its all become one collective, remedial nuisance to me. Don't get me wrong: my college journey has been an incredible ride! I'm simply just ready to get off of the merry-go-round. I didn't live away at school, I commuted to community college where I earned my gen-ed credits and then transferred to the school I'm graduating from (still commuting). I've made incredible friends, learned some very hard lessons, lived a little and grown a lot. I can't say I would even recognize the person I am today had I met my 22-year-old self at 18 and I wouldn't change one bit of that.

Being a commuter who's worked part-time all throughout college, I can say I've had a taste of adulthood here and there and am wholeheartedly ready to embrace it. Making money and working in my field (that I'm so passionate about) feels great, but that good feeling is squandered when you can't dedicate yourself to your work full-time and have to sacrifice time and pay for classes and homework. I'm excited to work full-time and establish my career, save money, pay off my (minimal) student loans, buy a house and, one day in the future, marry my best friend.

I relish the idea of these approaching changes in my life and truly can't wait to grow, overcome challenges and obstacles and so much more. I've never began a semester feeling so confident and prepared for the unknown as I have this time around knowing the end of the tunnel that is college is near.

Until next time...

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