This post will be short, sweet and mostly visual as I have so many wonderful photos to share from the graduation photo shoot I had with Brady Pappas.

Originally, I planned to wear my cap and gown for this shoot but it didn't arrive in time, which I am 100% okay with because now I have these photos to look back on and remember everything about myself, from the way I wear my hair to my style / outfit, the way it was at this very point in time.

It's a wonderful, bittersweet feeling to be writing this with only 17 - 18 days left until graduation. I'm psyched to be closing this chapter of my life and so excited ( and slightly nervous, in all honesty) to begin the next.

On that note, I'm also delighted to share I've earned myself a job fresh out of college at a truly awesome company in my field (public relations)! The upcoming month and year has so many exciting things in store and I can't wait to experience it all and share it with you along the way.

Until next time...

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