There happens to be an actual method to my madness, involving a basic knowledge of the color wheel combined with a dash of OCD.

It seems appropriate to kick-off my first post here on my blog with a brief introduction to the fundamental rules of fashion by which I abide, and *cringe* have absolutely been guilty of violating!

RULE #1: No matter what, never wear silver and gold together; though personal preference certainly plays a crucial role in determining these rules of mine (the preference here happens to be OCD). Before I put together an outfit I scrutinize it to determine if there is any visible hardware such as buttons, zippers, or clasps. If there are, said hardware color will determine whether I wear silver or gold jewelry and what coat, jacket, shoes, or handbag I pair with the outfit. I typically pair gold and bronze colors with warmer toned looks and save silver hardware for cooler ones.

THE EXCEPTION: Every now and again, I find myself wearing my favorite pair of black leather combat boots (from Zara) and black trench coat (from New York & Company), both which include silver hardware details, with a Louis Vuitton bag- obviously an accessory which features gold hardware and brown leather. I don't typically do this, however, I make an exception for myself when it happens in light of an LV handbag being one of the most transferable and timeless accessories of all time. After all, you can't really say the words "Louis Vuitton," and "wrong," in the same sentence now, can you?

RULE #2: Do not think for a moment it is cheeky or adventurous to wear black and brown or navy blue and black together! You're most likely wondering why as you silently inch away from the screen. These colors are from separate color families and possess different levels of weight, making them what I like to call "power colors." A weighty shade such as black- a power color -stems from a cooler color family. Navy blue is also a cool color which possesses significant weight, dubbing it a power color, too. Wearing both at once creates an imbalance among the color scheme of your look. When you pair pieces together it makes for a better outfit to choose colors that flow in the same direction. Blocky color combinations that weigh down the eye are sure to interrupt the aesthetic you're going for. The same idea applies to wearing brown and black. Navy blue and brown, on the other hand, possess a greater compatibility level than either shade paired with black.

THE EXCEPTION: We've all been the person who's feeling a tad lazy and throws on their Ugg boots whilst wearing leggings to make a quick run to the drugstore, grocery store, or local coffee shop. In this instance it is totally okay to wear the black and brown combo, as it is a comfortable alternative to donning the 9's to run an errand.