This post is the first of many to come in my new monthly series: "List of Little Things." I decided to create this series as a way to share some of the small things in life that have brought me joy over the past month.

| one |


The first thing I'm sharing that has brought me happiness this month is the book Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. This book, a dual memoir by the creators of the podcast My Favorite Murder, is one of the greatest books I have ever read. The simplest way I can summarize it is by telling you this: reading this book feels like a serious chat you'd share with your best friends or family late one night after a party or some type of special occasion; you know, after everyone has sobered up or gone home and reality re-enters the mix; the type of conversation that's peppered with laughs, love, authenticity and even a few tears (yes, it made me cry at certain points). I personally think it gives the "Chicken Soup for the XYZ Soul," series a run for is money, and if you're reading this right now you should really pick up a copy for yourself. The book doesn't have any relation to their podcast, so you don't necessarily need to tune in to their show to understand it (though you should because it's a great podcast).

| two |


There's something so relaxing about playing my favorite music and rolling down the windows as I drive in the summertime. I never feel as free as I do when I'm singing like I'm on a world tour with the wind rippling my seat belt and blowing through my hair.

| three |


I've been making myself a cup of tea every morning when I get to work. It gives me a calming, positive start to my day in the office. My two favorite teas are Bigelow's Vanilla Chai and Vanilla Caramel. They're beyond incredible!

| four |


At the beginning of the year, I moved into my very first office at my job. Having my own work space has been great and personalizing it has been even better. Things I've brought in, like photos of family + friends, office decor and the "emergency stress slippers," I keep in my filing cabinet are just a few of the things that make the space all the more enjoyable for me and boost my productivity. 

| five |


As you can see in the photos accompanying today's post, I've discovered I have a love for 90s sundresses and sneakers, specifically converses. The combo is so simple but has quickly become my go-to outfit.

| six |


I don't consider myself an unorganized person, but I balance a lot of things and sometimes feel I need extra help. I found a Happy Planner at Walmart last fall and it helps me do exactly that. At one point I was juggling full-time classes, working two jobs and an internship and I'm telling you: this planner was a MIRACLE WORKER! I've used a lot of planners before and this one is my all-time favorite, mostly because it comes with stickers that signify important appointments, events and more to help you plan and stay on track. I've been using it a ton lately and think it makes a great buy for yourself or even for someone else as a gift.

Until next month...

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