It's been an entire year since I shared my last List of Little Things, so I'm reviving the series. Now more than ever, we all need to consciously take time to reflect on the little things in life that are important and bring us joy.

| one |


Since we'll be working from home for the near future, Evan and I decided to convert the second bedroom in our apartment into a home office. It's definitely one of the greatest decisions we've made as we've gotten SO much use out of it already.

I put the room together with countless vintage and secondhand finds, some items from TJ Maxx and others from local businesses in downtown York. The artwork pictured here on the wall is one of my mom's pieces. It's truly my favorite piece of art out of everything I've ever seen (and no, I don't say that because my mom made it, I just think its amazing).

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My apartment has a porch with an amazing view - it's quickly become one of my very favorite spaces to lounge, drink coffee and read! When I first moved in, Evan and I had a pair of old patio chairs we snagged from my parents when they upgraded their set. It came time for us to upgrade, too, so for my birthday I asked my mom for this Beauman Rocking set from Wayfair.

When it arrived, I was happy to see the set was bigger than the photos on the website and those posted by reviewers made it look. It's the perfect size for our space! It came with the two chairs, white cushions and table.

We found the striped pillows and outdoor rug at the store At Home, and this large glass Restoration Hardware jar from Goodwill. I found it new with the brand stickers still attached for originally $49.99. I scored it secondhand for $2.

Our porch is the perfect cozy spot to hang on mild summer nights. I can't wait to continue lounging in our outside space well into the fall! Which brings me to my next little thing...

| three |


Call me crazy, I don't mind! For me, fall starts in late August and officially begins by September 1st. I've been stockpiling autumnal decor for months now.

You may not think of a thrift store as a good place to stock up on holiday/seasonal decor but trust me, it's one of the best places for that kind of stuff. With stores stocking fresh decorations every season, so many people get rid of their perfectly good items just to buy the new stuff.

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Between working from home to exercising, tidying up my apartment and more, I keep pretty busy. Sometimes busy is an understatement and life simply gets stressful. I've found one of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day is to take a piping hot bubble bath accompanied by the calming scent of one of my choice DW Home Candles and the sounds of my favorite podcasts.

I also find this to be a great time to practice stillness, almost like meditation but not so much...I love yoga but personally just CAN'T get into the whole meditation thing. I think this is as close as I can get.

| five |


I love my long hair but it became TOO long, to the point where it was starting to get annoying. I'm in-between salons right now and honestly just don't feel comfortable going to one because of COVID, so my best friend's mom took mercy on me and gave me a trim at her house (and by trim I mean 6 inches or so!).

I'm seriously loving my new cut and don't miss the extra inches AT ALL. It was a much needed change! I think I'll keep it at this length going forward.

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