After a much needed break from social media and blogging, I'm excited to take a deep breath and enjoy a few moments of positivity with you as I share my August List of Little Things.

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I recently purchased a new Lightroom preset from Etsy and couldn't be happier with it! This preset, Honey, is from a shop called Mint and Pepper. This preset package was $4.87 and included four variations of the honey preset, which I didn't know came with it until after I placed my order. I was psyched about that since not all presets work with all photos, so if one doesn't look right with a specific photo there are three others to choose from. I also love the warm tones, they're perfect for the fall aesthetic I'm gravitating toward.

*You can still find my other favorite Lightroom preset for FREE here.

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After my last post went live (in early July) I decided to take a break from all things related to my blog and social media. This was partially due to my frustration with the grind of it all, but it was mainly because I was working through a bit of anxiety at the time. If you have anxiety / have ever experienced it, you understand how difficult it can be to cope with. Rather than succumb to it, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and shifted into a positive mindset. I considered the sudden wave of anxiety to be a signal for me to take more time away from my socials rather than view it as an emotional setback. I truly believe this method helps me a great deal whenever I feel anxiety staring to overtake me, as it reminds me that I'm in charge of my anxiety and not the other way around.

Anyway, while I was away from social media I spent some much needed quality time with my family, which nothing in the entire world compares to (pictured above from left to right: my Mom, myself and my sister, Kelly).

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My family and I have moved houses a few times in the past several years and each time my mom and I would talk about saging (also known as smudging) to cleanse our home's energy of previous residents and all prospective negative influences that may be lingering. I picked up this sage bundle from Sunrise Soap Co. in Downtown York, Pa for only a dollar or so and surprised my mom with it some months back (we moved to our current residence in Dec.). We finally saged our house this past weekend and right away I felt the energy shift.

| four |


I picked up this sleep aromatherapy duo from Bath and Body Works last weekend as an impulse purchase whilst shopping with my mom and I am BEYOND happy I grabbed it. The black chamomile scent is amazing. I use the body wash as bath bubbles and feel so luxurious when I do as the scent actually helps me to relax! The same can be said when I use the lotion. Some people may not feel the same way, but I think aromatherapy is one of those things that you have to consciously participate in to benefit from it.

| five |


90s fashion is quickly resurfacing (stay tuned for an upcoming post dedicated to that) and one of my favorite trends that's come back is hair barrettes! I love how such a simple accessory can elevate a look so much. I recently picked up these colorful, oversized and red + gold barrettes from PacSun for just a few dollars each.

| six |


I think I've made it pretty clear: I'm a thrifty gal and a green blogger who's focused on sustainable fashion, so I naturally gravitated toward this vintage Moschino bag! The style is called "redwall." I found it at a local consignment shop (also in Downtown York) called My Girlfriend's Wardrobe. I can't tell you how great of an experience I had shopping with them- if you ever have the chance, definitely stop by and peruse through their shop! They carry beautiful designer and high-end women's clothes for only a fraction of the retail price(s)!

Until next time...

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