I'm returning to my blog for the first time in 2020 to share all of the details of my college graduation, working full-time, plans for the future and more.

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It still feels so strange to say I graduated college. For years, I anticipated walking across the stage and soaking in the glory of the moment where all of my hard work finally paid off. I imagined moving in slow motion as I beamed to my family and accepted my diploma. Truth be told, it wasn't like that at all. I was nervous, sweaty and anxious to get the entire thing over with. Walking across the stage didn't move in slow motion - I blinked and it was over.

Luckily, the communications department at my college took this video of commencement day, which includes a clip of me crossing the stage to accept my diploma! The video made me feel so many emotions and proved particularly special as I was able to share it with my family members who couldn't be there that day.




I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join the company I interned with this past fall in a full-time capacity, in a role my degree prepared me for. Separate from my enjoyment of my job, the first month or so after graduating was hard. By that, I mean adjusting to a new way of life was foreign and intimidating. I struggled with anxiety from so many what-if's. What if I fail in this new role? What will working full-time be like? So many of these questions flooded my mind and terrified me. I had sleepless nights and constant anxiety.

While my new normal seemed strange at first, it isn't now. Almost two months into working full-time, I've started to adjust well to life after college (if I do say so myself!). Working at a job I love with great team members has been one of the biggest reasons I'm happy and comfortable with where I'm at now. I also started building a routine for myself, which helped me a lot.

As for addressing my fear of failure, I remind myself a lot of something one of my favorite professors told me before graduating: "You don't have it in you to fail." Of course, a part of me knew that already, and though the words are simple, they really resonated with me because I know she is so right.



| OUT |

A big part of life after graduation is, obviously, planning for the future and finding new beginnings. My boyfriend, Evan, and I have been discussing moving in together and are planning to do so this summer! I'm excited to start this new chapter with him and (full disclosure) be closer to the city as we're always going downtown and my job is there, too. Going on three years together, we're ecstatic about taking this next step in our relationship.




I have a lot to say for this section of this post, but I'll keep it short and sweet as to not ramble on.

  • GUITAR - One of my biggest plans after college was to start taking guitar lessons, as I've always sang (I took opera lessons in high school to improve my vocal technique) and music, though I don't publicly share it very often, is a huge part of my life. I've been taking lessons for almost two months now and have made great progress. I've earned myself some serious callouses on my fingertips from playing so much!

  • HOME DECOR - Given that Evan and I will be moving in together soon, we'll be doing some redecorating around his apartment. I'm a big believer in upcycling vintage / outdated furniture to give it new life, which I plan to do in our apartment and, of course, document it here on my blog. Plus, upcycling is a great way to add flair to your space on a budget.

| Until next time... |

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