I knew this would be the year I moved out but never imagined it would happen quite this way, in the middle of a pandemic. Then again, 2020 hasn't played out the way any of us expected it to.

P.S. - please enjoy these home photoshoot photos I took for this post (haha I know, I know, not ideal).

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I've been radio silent here on my site and across my social media for a number of reasons recently, one being that I've been busy getting on my feet and "adulting." But the main reason I've been quiet is because hair and lifestyle content simply loses relevance in the middle of civil unrest and a global pandemic.

There have been more important things to talk about, support and act on and as I continue doing just that, I'm also sharing some life updates. Namely, that I moved out! The decision to move out was packaged with the same decision to move in with my boyfriend, Evan.

We've been together for several years (three in December - which is crazy) and planned to move in together after I graduated college. So, here we are: I've graduated college and we've taken this big step together, one that seemed distant and unfathomable a few short years ago.

I was also beyond ready to get out and be on my own. I'm extremely fortunate that I have an incredible family who supported me as I worked my way through college, but because I stayed home and commuted to school to save money I got to a point where I felt it was absolutely time for me to branch out.

I'm truly enjoying the freedoms of being on my own and am ecstatic Evan and I get to share that together. I'm also excited to have our own place to decorate and make my own - er, I mean, our own (haha!). Evan was a bit of a minimalist before I moved in so I had an open canvas to work with. I think we've struck a happy medium of what we both like.

I can't wait to jump back into creating new blog content and sharing bits and pieces of life as I go along. And to everyone reading this: please remember to stay safe. Keep your distance from others, wash your hands, wear your mask and please, please PLEASE keep to yourself whenever possible.

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