We've all experienced those times where our 'do doesn't cooperate, leaving us frustrated and doubtful of the possibility of salvaging a good hair day. Over time, I've grown adept to these situations and have created a few loopholes to help me turn bad hair days into good ones.

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A bubble ponytail has become one of my go-to fixes for bad hair days, or days where I'm unsure of what I want to do with my hair but know I want to do a little something-something to it. This weekend, Evan and I were running errands and doing some shopping around town and I had third-day hair going on, making it a pain to manage and style the way I wanted.

I grabbed a few of my favorite scrunchies and tossed my hair into a loose ponytail, which I styled over my ears with my side bangs flowing freely. I love wearing loose ponytails and braids this way as I feel it gives off vintage vibes.

To style a bubble pony, simply put your hair in a ponytail (style of your choosing - loose, high, low, etc.) and add a few scrunchies to it, spacing each as close or far apart as you'd like. Pull the hair between the scrunchies out a bit to give it the bubbly look.

I've had these scrunchies for a long time, so I can't tell you exactly where they're from but you can find scrunchies of all kinds at Walmart, Ulta, the Dollar Store, etc. for pretty cheap. I wore these gray and blue ones to match the outfit I wore.

Outfit Details:

Vest - Dress Barn (vintage)

Jeans - American Eagle (thrifted)

Puff Shoulder Top - Lulu's (thrifted)

Shoes - Target (similar here)

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