Lately, it's been hard to find places that stay open past 10 or 11 p.m. due to bars and restaurants being short staffed. This, along with the pandemic itself, has turned girls' night out into girls' night in.

pumpkin carving newspaper orange pumpkin pumpkin seeds hand white bowl pumpkin stem knife knives newspaper markers sharpies

Over the weekend, I hosted a much overdue girls' night in for my best friend's birthday. As a huge lover of all things fall and Halloween (it's my very favorite time of the year), I made sure to include something festive on the agenda to celebrate the season.

The night kicked off with queso, wine, laughs and conversation, and was followed by tacos, more wine and pumpkin carving. It's been a few years since I carved pumpkins, so I completely forgot how hard carving can be if you're not using serrated knives. Thankfully, we had a few on-hand!

At some point, I plan to invest in a pumpkin carving kit to make it easier to create spooky, wicked jack-o-lantern designs. But even without the "right," tools, we got to work and had a blast.

As a reminder: once the season is over, don't throw your pumpkins away - recycle them! An estimated 1.3 BILLION pounds of pumpkins hit landfills post-Halloween every year. Consider busting them up and taking them to the woods, a field or a local wildlife reserve for wildlife to eat. Better Homes and Gardens also offers tons of other ways you can recycle your pumpkins.

pumpkin carving newspaper orange pumpkin

pumpkin carving newspaper orange pumpkin knives pumpkin stem

pumpkin carving newspaper orange pumpkin

pumpkins jack-o-lanterns

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