I was recently browsing through Target's website and found some of my current favorite spring/summer trends for a great deal.

Welcome to springtime, everyone!

I'm more of a fall person myself, but I do love when the outside temperatures begin to warm up and actually stay warm. I also love the shift in direction I get to take with my style while still making use of my winter pieces during the transitional weather from winter to spring.

This year, my style has been leaning toward a feminine, boho/western-esque vibe as the warmer weather approaches. Flat mules, brimmed hats, 90s sundresses and loose silhouettes are just a few of the things I've been gravitating toward. I often see looks that incorporate those pieces in stores like Free People, RooLee and Anthropologie, but let's be honest: (as much as I love their stuff) those stores aren't always budget friendly.

This led me to look elsewhere for some of the pieces I've been searching for, and before I knew it I found myself on I don't usually shop at Target, but I was browsing for a pair of affordable mules and a hat that wouldn't break my bank (who knew how pricey hats can be?!) and wound up there. I found these adorable Universal Thread Goods Co. Violet Woven Backless Mules for only $24.99 and this Panama Hat (same brand) for $22.99! At the time that I ordered them Target offered free two day shipping on orders more than $35, so I received my items really fast.

I couldn't be happier with my order and can't wait to show you in some of my upcoming posts how I style them! Stay tuned for those posts.