When I was in college, I always looked forward to fall break. However short it would be, I cherished the chance to get away from the grind of classes/work and simply indulge in my favorite time of the year.

Post-graduation, I've continued this tradition for myself by taking a few days off for a long, fall fun-filled weekend every Oct. For my "fall break," this year, Evan and I spent some of our weekend exploring one of the most charming areas of Central Pa.: downtown Lancaster.

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I've followed Redeux on Instagram for years now and have always wanted to visit their store in Lancaster, so right when we parked I made a beeline for the shop. Not only is their space super groovy, but they also have a must-shop collection for every vintage lover.

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Lancaster Cupcake, wood floor, gray L shaped sectional couch, wall with wood detailing, small round granite tables, pink velvet chairs, orange pumpkin streamers

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Adored by those near and far, Lancaster Cupcake never fails to disappoint. I've enjoyed their sweet treats many times and make a point of stopping in whenever I'm in the area. Last year, I also started a new tradition: Bringing a dozen Lancaster Cupcakes to Thanksgiving. They're a hit dessert.

I'd never been to their downtown location or tried their coffee, but needless to say our stop in was well worth it. Everything was super tasty and the space is adorable.

Lancaster Cupcake, coffees, s'mores latte, iced pumpkin spice latter, mini pumpkins, flowers in small vase, pink napkins, cupcakes

Prince Street Cafe, brick wall, cash register, sunflowers in vase, wood countertop

Prince Street Cafe, cafe dining room, wood chair with black seat, counter, wood floors, white walls, tables

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Named after the street it sits on, Prince Street Café has something for everyone. We're lucky to have one in York, so we're pretty familiar with the menu and how delicious it is. Since we were downtown, we figured this was the time to visit the original location and grab a quick bite (I can't recommend their avocado toast enough).

Prince Street Cafe, avocado toast, triangle shaped toast with green avocado spread, pink pickled onions, wood table top, white napkins, iced coffee

Downtown Lancaster, brick buildings, city street, cars in street, sidewalk, high rise building, street light, trash cans on street

City views & urban feels from our table at Prince Street Café.

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Instead of taking the highway the whole way home, we got off around Columbia (between Lancaster & York) and took the scenic route. We stopped at Samuel S. Lewis state park to take in thee most captivating view - this photo can't do it justice.

One of my favorite things about Pennsylvania is how versatile it is. In the same day, you can visit downtown/urban areas, drive just a short distance and find yourself surrounded by the beauty of the countryside. It's something I never take for granted.

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It wouldn't be my blog if I didn't share a snap of the outfit I wore while I was out and about! Fall isn't my favorite season only because of the warm and fuzzy feelings that come along with it, the fashion is my favorite part.

My entire outfit is thrifted/vintage (including the boots), except for my skirt, which is Express (I bought it years ago on sale).

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gold letters, thank you for reading today, xoxo April

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