Lucky for Evan and I, our anniversary is at the very beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. To get into the Christmas spirit and celebrate two years together, we had a photoshoot session with Acorn Tree Studio. Read on to hear all about how we met on Tinder!

A few years ago after I went on some very unsuccessful dates and got fed up with the "traditional," way of meeting people, I decided to give Tinder a chance. I was reluctant to ever use Tinder because of its reputation as a hookup app, but after some convincing from a few friends who assured me it wouldn't be like that and, at the very least, would give me a few laughs, I decided to give it a try.

I downloaded the app, went through the motions of filling out my profile and voila - just like that I was ready to start matching with people. In the strange way that life happens, the very first profile I matched with was Evan. After talking for a bit through the app we exchanged numbers and planned to meet for coffee at a local Starbucks. Needless to say, we met, hit it off and continued seeing each other.

It's still so funny to me to sit back and think about our short and sweet meeting story years after the fact. I like to consider it as a testament to the benefits of looking past stereotypes and taking chances. Had I never taken the chance of making a Tinder profile because of the stereotypes I associated with the app, I might have not met the love of my life (who just so happened to grow up a town or two over from where I did).

Some final thoughts: thank you to Tinder for bringing us together and, for the millionth time, happy anniversary, Evan! Who I know will be reading this. (:

***Todays photography is by Acorn Tree Studio.***

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