This weekend, my family and I took a trip to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm for some fall festivities like pumpkin picking and getting happily lost in a corn maze.

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I'm beyond excited for my favorite season! From bonfires to sweaters, crisp temperatures, Halloween, scary movies, fall scented candles and so much more- autumn is the greatest time of the year to me.

Last fall, I made a bucket list of the things I wanted to do throughout the season (and actually ended up ticking off a lot of the items) but this year I didn't have the time to sit down and do the same. From my internship to classes and tying up the loose ends of this chapter of my life (i.e. college), I've been running around like a mad woman 24/7 and unfortunately don't have time to dedicate to completing a list. I'm already writing to you whilst on my fall break! Time is flying by so fast.

Yesterday, my family and I decided to take a trip to Lancaster to visit Cherry Crest Adventure Farm where we picked pumpkins, ventured through the five acre corn maze they have on the property and had so much fun goofing around. I wore this amazing vintage sweater from Revolt Style Studio with a corduroy vest (thrifted), jeans and boots (pictured above). These boots have been sitting in my closet since high school and I started to think it was time to give them away, but I tried them on with this outfit and have indefinitely decided to keep them.

After we visited Cherry Crest, we came home and enjoyed a lovely homemade dinner as we snuggled in soft blankets and watched movies all night.

We had a wonderful day accompanied by the perfect fall weather as we picked the most unique pumpkins we could find for our front porch.

What's your favorite season and/or favorite way to celebrate it? Tell me in the comments below!