Something I'm asked on a regular basis is how I grew my hair so long and manage to keep it strong and healthy. While I wish I had some special secret to help you discover the quickest, easiest way to do it, I'm sorry to tell you it's a longer process than not and I don't have an overnight solution for you.

While this may be, don't get discouraged - today I'm sharing 6 easy ways you can get started growing longer, stronger locks right now!

With so many of us separated from our hair dressers & stylists as society continues to practice social distancing, you might be feeling like your hair is getting out of control. I know it's hard, but try to think of this as a glass half full type of situation!

Because whether you've been looking to take a break from color treatments and heat or have simply been trying to grow your hair, now is a great time to check off all of those items on your hair care bucket list.

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If there's one thing we all know, it's this: using heat on your hair too often can really damage it. Personally, I've found that even when I use heat protectant sprays they only do so much to keep my hair from being singed by scalding tool temperatures.

Instead, opt for heatless alternatives or updo's when possible. If you're working from home for the time being (like myself), updo's are an easy way to avoid using heat on your hair to style or tame it.

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Like many girls when they reach their teen years, I began dying my hair a different shade of blonde at age 13, and graduated to full blown bleaching at 14. Bleached hair requires A LOT of upkeep; from toning to frequent treatments to hide your impending roots - none of which I understood in the slightest then in the same way I do in hindsight.

Through my bleached years, I pined for longer hair and used hair extensions to satisfy the look I so badly wanted, but they were no match for the real deal. I finally cut the shit and went cold turkey with bleaching, dying and heat use.

Lucky for me, my natural shade of blonde (which I proudly rock today) grew back in a way that looked right on trend when ombre was all the rage. The process of fully growing my hair out, from root to tip, took an entire year.

Take it from me: if you want your hair to grow, you've got to get away from coloring it (same goes for bleaching).

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One seemingly small but significant change I made in my hair care routine was when and how I brushed it after washing it in the shower, taking a swim - any time it would get wet. I used to towel dry and brush afterward but struggled with how tangled it would get.

I felt like I was doing more harm than good brushing it this way because I would get tons of knots and my hair would make that breaking / snapping noise when brushing through it -which is the worst.

I randomly decided to use my choice Conair Wet Brush after washing & conditioning whilst taking a tub one day and found myself getting less breakage and knots, as opposed to brushing through my hair after it dried.

I highly recommend using a wet brush this way when your hair is actually wet. Also noteworthy: it doesn't have to be an actual "Wet Brush," brand of brush, it can be any detangling brush like the Conair one I linked above (this one is a few dollars cheaper, anyway).

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Just like we all enjoy things that help us feel rejuvenated, your hair does, too! An at home or salon mask / conditioning treatment is one of the ways I've maintained my hair health and strength over the years. The longer your hair gets, the more important its strength becomes as this will determine breakage and resilience to its weight.

As your hair grows, its weight will, too (meaning, the bottom of your hair may cause some strain at the root - but that's not to say that will definitely happen). This makes ensuring the strength of your upper hair crucial to avoiding any type of damage to it.

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Like many beauty gurus, hair stylists and so many more experts will tell you: drinking lots of water is essential to your overall health and wellbeing. In this case, especially growing your hair.

On a daily basis, I try to drink half of my body weight in water, which comes out to be about 56 ounces a day. I suggest you do the same to not only grow your hair but as a collective benefit to your health!

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Obviously, it's not always in your hygiene's best interest to skip a wash; ex: if you had a killer workout or spent the day sweating a great deal. In these times, definitely wash your hair to keep any / all undesirables from lingering on your scalp and throwing off your natural oils.

In most other cases, however, resist the urge to wash every night! Skipping a wash can be helpful to boosting hair growth and health in several ways.

If you wash too often, you can dry out your scalp and strip it of its natural oils, which triggers it to reproduce these oils and thus, causes greasy hair. Similarly, it's not good to expose your hair to parabens on a frequent basis.

Parabens are designed to promote hair growth and prevent bacteria, but tend to do more harm than good by disrupting hormone functions, so I suggest steering clear of them in all contexts.

| Cheers to a happy, healthy hair journey for you! |


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